*”Mindy does not only give great massages, but she also provides therapeutic massage. I went to her with (2) separate problems lower back pain and a frozen shoulder. She listened went over symptoms and relived a lot of the discomfort I was experiencing. The room temp was kept comfortable, with simple background music.she talked or did not depending on my mood.” ~ Theresa

*”I just left an hour massage where Mindy completely relaxed my muscles even after working on a few sore muscles. I have had chronic back problems my entire life. Often needing massage once a month or more. Since working with Mindy I am able to extend the time between massages because she not only works the muscles but also gives guidance as to home care, tips and tricks to keep you on track to whole body relief. She is a keeper! Highly recommend… Forever! Thanks!” ~Andrea

*”I’m so excited that Mindy is back! She is a great massage therapist. I have an involved background with many aches and pains. Mindy sat with me beforehand and went over my history to fully understand how she could best help me. She always does thorough work and gives me great relief. I look forward to my next visit with Mindy.” ~Sara

*”Mindy has helped me through some very physically difficult times with patience, compassion, and care. It’s obvious that she loves what she does. Very grateful to know her and thankful for her help.” ~Tammy

*”Mindy is adept at combining holistic wellness and the (ever-present) need to relax into her massages. She focuses on each individual and their needs while creating a very comforting place that appeals to everyone.”

“I am a runner and have lower back pain. Mindy has helped me with recovery from tough athletic events and my back is always happier after a session with Mindy.”

“In short, Mindy is best of the best.”~Cynthia